Blog Ideas I Came Up With While Looking For a Good Blog

  • I Really Need to Pee, But I’m Holding It In Because I Can’t Move, What’s the Evolutionary Purpose of That?
  • My Phone Randomly Turned Off Yesterday
  • I’ve Decimated the Inside of My Mouth By Smoking Cigarettes, and I’m OK With That
  • Blog Mom, Who You Gonna Call When the Blogs Go Wrong, You’re Gonna Call Blog Mom
  • Gawken Founder Revealed: Knife Dog
  • Gizmodo Frights: I’m Afraid of Everything and I’m Going to Die
  • One Woman’s Epic Struggle With Scalp Eczema
  • What If Good Dick Cures Depression?
  • The Tech Angle, Our Guardian Tech Angel
  • My Hands Smell Like Pizza and There’s Pizza Sauce on My Keyboard: the Eve Peyser Story
  • ISIS Uses Samsung Galaxy Note 7 For Terrorism
  • The Internet of Things? More Like ‘the’ ‘Internet’ ‘of’ ‘Things’
  • Blog Mom? Mom Blog?
  • Fuck Tech, Let’s Go Analog Like a Cool Retro Dude
  • I Swallowed 6 AirPods For Journalism
  • Hello? 911? Can I Speak to Blog Mom? My Blog Went Wrong
  • Did I Mention I Need to Go to the Bathroom?

Eve Peyser was the night editor at Gizmodo.

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